Jody's Wedding

“After getting engaged a year ago I decided I wanted to get into shape and look great in my wedding dress and in a bathing suit. Karla’s willingness to never give up on me and encourage me was (and is) amazing. Karla went above and beyond just getting me into shape for my wedding. She taught me how to live an active healthy lifestyle and to enjoy working out. I have been working with her for a year now and feeling healthy, fit, energized and loving the results.”

Jodi Pedro

Kaitlin Steed

“Karla is a great trainer, who pushes you to meet your goals. I have been with her for just under 2 months and have already seen amazing results, have an excessive amount of energy and just love my new active life. I love the way she works all dimensions of your body, and works muscles you didn’t know existed. I enjoy the way she has managed my life style and the way she has bettered it for the future to come.”

Kaitlin Steed

“Karla, you’re workout plans have been a wonder. I have spent years going to the gym always achieving the same thing. Now that i have something to give me structure and focus I am finally getting the results i have been looking for. And your bootcamps sessions are always great too. Motivating without being aggressive, it’s a great way to push yourself for an hour. You see the results quickly.

If you work with Karla and put in the effort and you’ll be glad you did.”

Brad Fortner

Charmaine Coughlin

“I wanted to take my exercise regime to a new level and with the help of Karla I did exactly that. I had never been a fan of strength training, but with Karla’s encouragement I learned that I was stronger than I thought and pushed myself to new limits. As a result I have new muscles and love how the clothes are fitting! From bootcamp, to personal training sessions, and personal programs I have been able to enjoy the variety of expertise Karla brings to each and every workout. Karla rocks!!”

Charmaine Coughlin

“I’ve been taking Karla’s bootcamp classes for five months now. Coming from a history of little or no regular exercise in my life, Karla has helped me find easy ways to fit in exercise on a daily basis and actually be able to enjoy it. I look forward to her classes for her positive motivation and the sense of humour and fun she brings to every class. Now I’m seeing and feeling all the benefits of her bootcamp and she’s helping me reach even further with my goals.”

Esther Alex

“I have always been active, but working with Karla really brought me to the next level. After working out with her for six months, not only did I see real results, but I learned so much along the way about fitness and nutrition. It was great to see my body shrink and grow in all the right places, but it was also great actually seeing the weights I was lifting increase in a controlled way. Karla monitored my progress, which helped me to see the progress I was making! And the best part – she made me look forward to working out! Now that I have moved to Vancouver, I haven’t found anyone to replace her, but have been able to continue working out on my own, because I learned so much from her. Thanks Karla!”

Joanna Kelm